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Soft Paws.  These are soft nail covers for dogs and cats designed to be glued over the nail to prevent scratches on the furniture or the hard wood floors that you have in your house.  They come in many colors (clear, pink, red, brown, blue and purple).  These are a wonderful humane alternative to having your cat declawed.  They also allow dogs who live on hardwood floors to not scratch the floors all up with their claws as they play and romp around the house.

We carry toothbrush kits for your pets and pet toothpaste (human toothpaste is toxic to pets).

We carry Laxatone (Laxaire).  This is a hairball remedy that helps cats with hairball problems safely and gently.

We also carry products for your comfort as well.  If you are allergic to your dog or cat you can purchase a safe product to apply to your dog or cat's coat called Allerpet-D (for dogs) or Allerpet-C (for cats).  You brush these products into your pet's coat with a soft brush once a week.  This helps you or those in your household who are allergic to your dog or cat be less allergic. 

We carry Hills Veterinary Diets (Hills Science Diet) and can order other veterinary diets for our clients and patients (Royal Canin, Purina, Iams).

During your pet's visit with our veterinarians (depending on the reason for the visit) they will prescribe various medications to help your pet with whatever health problems he/she has.  Our pharmacy is stocked with many of the medications that our veterinarians prescribe as well as the two leading Flea, Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite protection products (Trifexis or Advantage Multi). We also carry treatments that you may need for your pets parasite should they pick up intestinal parasites at the dog park or if your new puppy or kitten has them (stool sample analysis recommended on all puppies and kittens).  This is our way of making your life easier.  You will not have to go to a pharmacy to get the prescription filled as we can fill it for you during your visit with us.