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Spay is the term we use to describe the surgery we perform to make sure your female dog or cat does not get pregnant.  This surgery also helps prevent your female from developing malignant tumors in her mammary glands (depending on when it is done as there is greater risk if the female is allowed to go through one or more heat cycles).  Spaying your dog or cat keeps her from developing a life-threatening infection in her uterus or a cancer in the uterus in her senior years.

When a female dog goes into heat she can sometimes become aggressive towards other dogs in your household or neighborhood or toward you or your children.  This is another good reason to spay your female dog or cat.  When cats go into heat they yowl loudly and try to escape to the outside.  The cats keep going into and out of heat every three weeks (unlike dogs who go into heat every 6 to12 months) until they are spayed or they find a male cat with which they breed.  Cats in heat often act like they have hurt their back, squatting in a peculiar way and yowling loudly.  They often roll around on the floor as well as it is part of their "enticement" behavior toward the male.

Neuter is the term we use to describe the surgery we perform to make sure a male dog or cat does not father unwanted puppies or kittens.  Neutering your male pet  also prevents him from developing testicular cancer.  This surgery also keeps your male pet from developing an enlarged prostate gland or a herniated bladder in his senior years.

Scientific studies have shown that male dogs and cats who are not neutered have a higher rate of escape outside their yards or houses.  Because they are not neutered they have a great desire to wander far from home to find a mate or establish a territory.  They are therefore far more prone to being hit by cars as they wander the neighborhood or get into fights with other dogs or cats, get wounded and then develop bad infections.  These are more good reasons to neuter your male dog or cat.

There are, in United States shelters, millions of unwanted, unloved dogs and cats.  Some are strays, escaped from their homes or lost during a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina).  However most of these poor animals are the unwanted unloved puppies and kittens from animals that were not spayed or neutered.  Many of them are the dogs and their puppies or the cats and their kittens.  For want of homes almost all of these animals are not allowed to live for very long.  The shelters do not have the resources to keep very many animals until they are adopted.

So please, be a responsible pet owner, call our office today to make an appointment to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered. To make an appointment please call us at: (858) 360-7794