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Regular Exams

It is vital to the health of your pets that they have yearly or twice yearly physical examinations

A regular yearly physical is critical to helping your pet stay healthy, receive needed vaccines, get advice from our veterinarians on nutrition appropriate to his/her age, weight, level of activity, etc, get advice on any behavioral questions you have about your pet, get an evaluation and advice on dental care and to discover health problems before they become life threatening to your pet.

If your dog or cat is 5 to 7 years old (larger breeds of dogs tend to "age" more quickly) it is a great idea to bring your pet in every 6 months for a physical examination.  While AGE IS NOT A DISEASE there are normal physiological changes that occur as animals start getting older (their owners too :-D).  By allowing us to see your pet more often during the year we can discover health problems such as kidney changes, joint problems, growths (lumps and bumps either inside or outside), diabetes, hyperthryroidism, heart or lung problems or other health issues early.  We can then either perform diagnostic tests during that visit or set up such tests on a follow up visit to help us discover what health problems your pet has.  Many pets can live with changes in their organ functions (kidney, liver, heart, lungs, thyroid, adrenal glands) and be comfortable and happy for a long time if the changes are detected early in their progression and treatment to control or cure the problems are able to be started early as well.  If such health risks go undetected and untreated for a long time they become a serious health threat to your pet's comfort and well being.  If we detect such health problems late in their progression there is often not much we can do to save your pet's life.

At any age, it is vitally important to your pet's health that he/she receive a regular annual or twice yearly examination.

It is also vitally important to bring your cat or dog in immediately if he/she does not eat with his/her normal appetite, vomits, has diarrhea, has trouble sitting, laying down or getting up after laying down, is depressed and does not have his/her normal activity level, is urinating or having a bowel movement in the house or in odd places around the house or is asking to go outside to urinate or defecate more frequently than usual, is going into the litter box more frequently (cats) or is urinating in larger amounts than he/she normally produces, is hiding (going somewhere away from the family or from the areas where he/she normally likes to sleep or rest or perch (cats), or is behaving in any way that is not normal for your pet.

We advise our clients not to wait to see if the pet gets better.  The longer you wait the more likely it is that your pet will develop a serious, perhaps life threatening disease or other health issue.  The longer you wait the more we have to do (we will need to run more tests and be more aggressive with treatment) to take care of your pet and to bring him/her back to a state of good health.  For any visit our veterinarians will always give you a written estimate for the tests and treatments (including the normally yearly procedures) they recommend.

We want to give your pet the best care he/she can possibly get.  Please call us today for an appointment.  Call 858-630-7794