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Nutritional Counseling

individual and the food that pet should eat has to be tailored to fit his/her lifestyle and health needs.

We make recommendations based on your pet's physical examination, life stage, lifestyle and health needs.  We do not favor one type of brand over another.  We also try to work with you to make sure you can easily obtain the food we recommend and that if cost becomes a problem for you we try to find an alternative diet that accomplishes the same goal but is less expensive (this is not always possible but we do try).

We counsel you on how to get your pet to lose weight.  Sometimes your pet needs to gain weight.  We counsel you against feeding more snacks.  Instead we will recommend a food that is more tailored to your pet's activity level and age.

If you have questions about what to feed your pet please feel free to call us or set up a consultation appointment.  Please call 858-484-1260.