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Dental Care

Good dental carebrown tartar on their teeth then their teeth need to be cleaned by a veterinary dental procedure in a veterinary hospital. You can get them used to having their teeth wiped or brushed before the procedure but the procedure will have to be done to remove the tartar.  You may also notice that your dog or cat has very bad breath.  This is the result of all that tartar sitting on your dog or cat's teeth.  The odor comes from the billions of bacteria that live in the tartar.  These bacteria get into your dog or cat's blood stream and cause damage to their immune system, liver, kidney, heart, joints and other organs inside their bodies (see below).  All these bacteria have to be fought on a continuous basis by your pet's immune system.  This means your pet is not at their best everyday that their teeth still have all that tartar on the teeth andoral examGood dental health is very importantprior to the procedure. Each pet receives a full physical examination the day of the dental procedure.

If your pet is under 7 years old we run a blood screen the day we perform the dental procedure. If your pet is 7 years old or older we run a special pre-anesthesia work up several days ahead of time. This special work up includes chest X-rays and a more complete blood panel and urinanalysis. We do this so that if your pet has any health problems we can find out about them and take care of them before we perform the dental procedure.  Since our pets age much faster than we do their organ function can change from good to bad very quickly.

OUR DENTAL WORK INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING FOR ONE PRICE (except oral surgery): all The dental X-rays of ALL of your pet's teeth are necessary because we cannot tell whether or not a tooth has a problem by just looking at the tooth.  All we see is the crown of the tooth with our naked eyes. during the dental procedure to discuss the problems and the solutions to those problems. At that time they will discuss any extra cost with you. The veterinarians will then try to take care of all the problems during the dental procedure being done that day. Howeversafer than keeping your pet under anesthesia for an exceedingly long period of time.  This method is how the Veterinary Dental Specialists recommend we proceed when such extensive work is needed to be done on your pet's teeth.  We will always give you an estimate for any additional work that needs to be done on your pet's teeth.

The dental work your pet needs usually only takes one day. Your pet comes to our hospital  early in the morning (between 7 and 8 a.m.). You do not feed your pet breakfast that day (water is OK up to the time your pet comes to our hospital). We usually call you around 3 or 4 p.m. that day to let you know when your pet can go home. If your pet needs more extensive work on his/her teeth then we will call you during the procedure itself (while your pet is under anesthesia) to discuss what other work needs to be done to fix any problems we find. For this reason we need to be able to call you at any time during that day so we ask that you be able to answer your phone at any time that day.  ORAL EXAM appointment for your pet or to ask additional questions before you schedule the dental work. We always welcome any questions you might have.