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Behavior Consultations

Behavior problems in cats and dogs are complex problems.  They are not easily solved or even diagnosed in just one visit.  If you are having behavioral problems with your cat or dog the best thing to do is call to speak to Dr. Sharon Sprouse (you will very likely need to leave her a voice mail).  After speaking with you she will advise you as to the best way to proceed with respect to handling your pet's unacceptable or undesirable behavior.  Dr. Sprouse may be able to help you by speaking with you on the phone.  She may ask that you, your family, all the adults that live in the household, schedule a behavior consultation visit or she may refer you to  the Veterinary Behavior Specialist in our area.

If Dr. Sprouse asks that you schedule a behavior consultation appointment with her she will ask that all the adults in the family/household and all the children (if any) who are old enough to understand and participate in the conversation come in for the first visit. 

She will ask you to leave your dog or cat at home for the first visit. 

You should bring as detailed a floor plan of your house and yard as you can make with you to the first visit. 

Be sure to bring any vaccine records that our hospital does not have for your pet.  Be sure to bring information about exactly what you feed your pet, bring in the leash and collar you use or the carrier you use. 

Also be prepared to discuss a chronological history (a discussion of the time you first noticed the behavior and how it has progressed over time) of the behavior in question and what steps you have taken to try to solve the problem. 

Please be prepared to answer the questions that Dr. Sprouse will ask honestly and fully.  If you are so inclined you may bring in a written history of your pet's behavior problem(s) including when it first started, how it has progressed, what steps you have taken to solve the problem and so on.  A copy can be made of your written information for inclusion in your pet's record.  This is quite helpful for you and the veterinarian to refer to during the discussion.

Please remember that behavior problems are complex and are not solved with just one visit. Behavior problems need to be worked out over time, with patience, love, positive reinforcement of good behavior and always with more than one visit.  If you feel that you would rather be referred to a Veterinary Behavior Specialist please feel free to ask for such a referral.  Dr. Sprouse is happy to refer you at any time from the moment you first call her to any time during your visits with her or at the end of your series of visits if your pet's problem is not resolving to your satisfaction.

Dr. Sprouse is not an expert in the field of behavioral problems in companion animals but she does have a Master's Degree in Biology with the emphasis of her degree being on animal behavior.

The behavioral consultation will take at least one hour to one and one-half hours.  Please allow enough time in your schedule for this visit to our hospital.

The behavioral consultation costs $100.

Please call our office for an appointment or to speak with Dr. Sprouse at 858-360-7794.