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We carry a variety of products for your pet's health, dietary and parasite prevention needs.  Some of the items we carry are listed below.

Prescription Diets:  We do not carry every prescription diet made by the various companies that make prescription diets: Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina, Blue Buffalo, etc.  That is a lot of different diets so we don't quite have room for all of them.  Ask Dr. Sprouse (or during your appointment she will let you know) whether your dog or cat needs a particular prescription diet. Many of these can be purchased online from Chewy.com  This website is run by very nice people who only want you to be happy with your purchase. When you order from Chewy.com they will immediately fax us a prescription request. We will sign it (if it is appropriate) and fax in back at once.  That way it is usually only a couple of days before the diet is delivered to your house.  If your dog or cat won't eat the diet Chewy.com will refund your money and tell you to donate the food.  That is how nice they are. Questions: Call us at 858-603-6748.

Many flea, flea and tick and heartworm products can now be purchased at Costco Poway or Carmel Mountain Ranch.  Ask Dr. Sprouse for a prescription to save you money!

Questions? Please call us at 858-360-7794.