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If your pet has an emergency medical need when the clinic is open, please call us immediately at (858) 360-7794.

For emergency care after hours, please call one of the following emergency clinics which have proven to provide high quality care for our patients:

If you are not sure if your pet's condition is an emergency please see our Emergency Care page for guidelines.

If you have a poison emergency you can access the ASPCA free poison information  website.  You can call a "for a fee" service staff (24/7) at the ASPCA at 1-888-426-4435.  This is the ASPCA POISON HOT LINE.  The charge for a consultation with a poison expert is $75.  

Most cases can be handled by our veterinarians or by the emergency hospital veterinarians (if it is after hours for our hospital) without the need for an ASPCA consultation.  The website and the hot line are a good asset for unusual poisonings that might occur.