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Penasquitos Pet Clinic offers grooming services for cats and dogs.

New clients are always welcome :-).  

Come in to meet our groomer, Caitie, who has over 7 years of grooming experience with both cats and dogs.  Since Caitie started at our clinic she and we have received many compliments from our clients about the great level of care their pets have received from her.


Why us?

At Penasquitos Pet Clinic, we provide individual grooming care for puppies, seniors, special needs and newly adopted pets.  This is why all of our grooming appointments are unique to your pet.  For your convenience, regular veterinary services (i.e. annual exams, vaccines, blood work, etc.) can be scheduled along with your pet's grooming appointment. We will have you meet with Caitie to discuss your pet's grooming needs, then you can speak with Deb or Tori or Lisa (our great front office staff) about what veterinary services you would like for your pet.  We will give you a quote for all services including the grooming appointment.



The Basics

Every grooming appointment includes a thorough bath, brush-out, eye rinse, ear cleaning, nail trim and external anal gland expression (internal anal gland expression can be requested, one of our veterinary technicians will provide that service for your pet).  If your pet will allow us to we can also round out the nails with our Dremel tool so they have shorter, smoother nails.  For an added touch of glamour you can request "nail pawlish" :-)




Hypoallergenic shampoo contains no dye or perfume.  This shampoo is a perfect fit for puppies, kittens and for those pets with sensitive skin.

Medicated Shampoo can be helpful for itchy, flaky or oily skin (you can bring your own medicated shampoo if one has been prescribed for your pet by our doctors or by the dermatology specialty doctors).


De-shedding shampoo and conditioner is perfect for all coat types.  This special process includes two low-shed shampoos that help loosen dead hair.  Extra brushing is required for the removal of the excess undercoat.  The cost for this service will vary depending on your pet's size and coat type.  This service works better if it is done every 6-8 weeks.


Conditioner is used to replenish oils in the skin and to help hydrate the skin and coat for a healthy silky shine.  Our conditioner can also help relieve itchy skin.

If you have a favorite shampoo or conditioner you would like Caitie to use on your beloved pet be sure to bring it in when you drop your pet off for his/her grooming appointment.  We would be happy to use it.

Seasonal shampoo and after-bath sprays are available as well.


Special Bath Packages are available for your pet.  There are two types:

Monthly Bath Package:  Some pets may need more grooming than others. Our clean scent shampoos help neutralize odors to keep your pet feeling (and smelling) his/her best.  This package allows you up to four (4) visits a month for a flat fee.  The fee does vary by breed, size and coat type.  If your pup enjoys chasing skunks or rolling in yucky smelling stuff this is an excellent option for you and your pet.


Medicated Bath Package: Fighting a fungal or bacterial infection can be tough.  Prescription Shampoos are often used to help treat these conditions.  Often the treatment requires a bath every few days for several weeks.  Our medicated bath package offers pres-scheduled baths for a set price to ensure that the regimen of baths recommended is being followed.



Tooth brushing

Dental hygiene is important for your pet's overall health.  For your convenience tooth brushing can be added to any grooming service.  Our enzymatic toothpaste breaks down tartar to help fight against bacterial build up and gum disease.  A spritz of breath freshener is also included.  You will be able to take the toothbrush with you so that you can continue brushing your pet's teeth once daily at home.



Tough Coats

De-matting or extra brushing may be necessary for long, curly or unruly coats. Tangles can collect debris and sometimes burrs.  Burrs can be buried in the tangles causing pain and/or infection in the skin.  The proper removal of mats can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  Also certain double coated breeds such as German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers may require extra brushing to remove their thick undercoat.  If you pet has lots of mats or is one of the double coated breeds Caitie will give a quote for this added service.


Finishing Touches


Every basic grooming appointment comes with a "Pawgress" report card, seasonal cologne (please let us know if you are allergic to perfume or cologne and we will omit this seasonal "special touch"), bows or bandanas.  These products change seasonally so make sure to check with us for the latest styles and scents.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for current grooming updates, photos, seasonal promotions and more.



More About Cats

Caitie has been grooming cats for over four years.  You may rest assured that your feline friend will enjoy a safe positive grooming experience with her.  Caitie recommends early morning appointments for cats.  She prefers to have your cat come in early on Tuesday, as this is the most calm quiet time of the day at our clinic.  Cats will be housed in our separate cat ward away from the dogs.




If you or a family member is allergic to your furry friend Penasquitos Pet Clinic offers two great solutions.  On top of the regular grooming Caitie can apply Allerpet-C (for cats) or Allerpet-D (for dogs) to help reduce common allergens produced by your furry friends.  These products can be applied during a grooming appointment or can be purchased by your for use at home.


Booking an Appointment


When booking an appointment we ask that your pet be current on his/her vaccinations.  We can call your current veterinarian for this information or you can bring in your pet's vaccine paperwork. If you are new to our facility check out our "New Client Coupon" and "New Client Form" on our website on the Special Offers page of our website.

Walk-ins or call-ins grooming appointments can be made Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (based on availability of course).  Appointments must be made for Wednesdays and Saturdays grooming appointments.

For your convenience: Drop-off times are available from 7:10 a.m. to 12:00.  Generally each grooming procedure takes between two and four hours.  This of course depends on the individual needs of your pet and the haircut/veterinary services that you request.


Call us today to book a grooming appointment at (858) 484-1260.  See our current grooming coupon on our special offers page!