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April feels devotion to and reverence for all forms of life but especially dogs.  In July 2014, she enrolled in American Grooming Academy for the Advanced Pet Stylist courses. There she learned a plethora of skills, both practical and theoretical. April graduated Nov 2014 and upon finishing her coursework, she decided to continue her education at Dirty Dog Grooming. Her work and way with animals speaks for itself, providing outstanding service and care for both you and your pet.

April's approach sets out to revolutionize grooming and the way our best friends are treated in the grooming process. Having two dogs of her own and seeing the fear and erratic behavior they had going to the groomer, had her only taking her dog about 4 times a year. She had the insight that if her dogs would actually enjoy going, she would take them as often as every month. It was all about their experience and the response they gave before and after the groom. Now April brings you a truly groundbreaking style based on compassion, tranquility and peace. Here you will find a place for your dog to relax and escape stress and anxiety. April believes that dogs can sense energy. It is April's mission, that with a calm disposition and genuine concern for their wellbeing, your pooch will feel loved and lionized, looking forward to each and every visit. 

Key points setting April's grooming apart from others:

  1. Classical music and lavender incense to calm and sooth.
  2. Warm water and heated shampoo/conditioner bottles.
  3. Whisper quiet dryers and dremels, so as not to frighten your pet.
  4. Cotton in ears and a headscarf, for those still afraid of the drying process.
  5. Detailed report cards describing how your baby did during their spa day.
  6. Pictures/Videos sent out upon request.
  7. Complimentary all day boarding with a walk and pet cleanup. (Lunch given upon request)