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We require all pets to be current on all their vaccines (dogs must have DHPP, RABIES, BORDETELLA, cats must have FVRCP and RABIES) prior to entering our boarding facility. If you are not sure of the vaccine status of your pet please call our office prior to your boarding needs to be sure they are up to date on their vaccines. You can make arrangements at that time for an appointment to have them vaccinated prior to their stay with us.  All vaccines take at least three weeks to take effect so it is important to carefully plan your pet's boarding needs.

Penasquitos Pet Clinic is proud to be able to provide boarding for our clients. The advantage of boarding your pet with us is that we can give your pet any necessary medications or supplements that they might need. We keep an extra special watch on older pets or those with special medical needs. We are always ready to give that cute puppy or kitten extra play during the day (just try to keep my techs away).

At Penasquitos Pet Clinic we have the luxury of having separate boarding facilities for dogs and cats.

Dog boarding:

All dogs unless the state of their health does not warrant it are walked twice a day. You can sign them up for extra walks as well.

You can also sign your dog up for a special brushing and combing every day.

We encourage you to bring your petís own food so that they will feel right at home with us. If your pet has a special toy he or she likes to sleep or play with we encourage you to bring that also. However there is no need to lug your petís food and water bowls to our office. We supply sanitary stainless steel food and water bowls for your pet. We will follow your petís feeding schedule so again his or her normal feeding routine is disrupted as little as possible. We will even give your pet their special treats (nothing fattening please).

We realize that some dogs and most cats do better at home. We have two wonderful staff members, Tori and Jessie who offer pet-sitting services on their own time. You can call our office and make arrangements with either of these two wonderful people so your dog or cat can stay at home.  Please call them at our office at 858-484-1260.

Cat boarding:

We do encourage cat owners to try to have their cats taken care of in their own home if at all possible. Most cats do much better at home. It is less stressful for them. To help you with this situation we offer two of our staffís special pet-sitting services. You can make special arrangement with either Tori or Jessie for your petís care in your own home.  Please call our office to speak to them at 858-484-1260.

However we do realize that sometimes leaving your cat at your house is just not possible. We have a special place for them, far away from the dogs (on the other side of our hospital), in which to stay. We allow them to run free in their special area so they can get some exercise and not stay cooped up in a cage all day. This is a good way for you to have your cat that has special medical needs to be taken care of and watched closely.

Vaccine status:

Be sure to check your cat or dogís vaccine status through your petís Pet Portal (click the Pet Portal symbol on our home page). Your pet should be vaccinated at least one week prior to their stay with us if your timetable for boarding them allows this. You can call our office for an examination and vaccines or you can request a visit online via your petís Pet Portal.

Remember vaccines take three weeks to protect your pet from disease.  We encourage you to plan ahead when you want to board your pet's with us.  We do understand about emergency situations and will gladly take care of your pet in our boarding area(s) on short notice.

Boarding form:

Please print and fill out our boarding agreement and bring it with you when you bring your pet in for his/her scheduled boarding.