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We carry a variety of products for your pet's health, dietary and parasite prevention needs.  Some of the items we carry are listed below.

Hills Prescription Diets:  We do not carry every prescription diet made by the Hills company but we can order them for you on an individual basis.  Our ordering days are Monday with delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Just call Tori Monday through Thursday to place your order. We can order any  of the different sizes this company makes that  may you need.

Royal Canin Prescription Diets.  If one of our veterinarians prescribes one of Royal Canin's Prescription Diets we can order it for you during your visit to our pet hospital.  Just call Tori and let her know the size you need and the diet that was prescribed by our veterinarians.

We can also order Iams and Eukanuba Prescription Diets on an individual basis as well as Purina Prescription Diets.

We also carry a flea and tick products, heartworm with intestinal parasite and flea prevention products, special veterinary dermatological shampoos for both dogs and cats, creme rinses for both dogs and cats, ear wash, ear wipes, and skin spray for soothing your dog or cat's skin.