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New Puppy

Puppy Wellness Packages:

At Peñasquitos Pet Clinic we offer Wellness Packages for new puppies.

Our puppy packages include Physical Examinations of your new fun loving puppy, Vaccinations that are age appropriate (designed to protect your newly beloved pets from a variety of harmful diseases), Preventative flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite control products and Fecal analysis with zoonotic (zoonotic = animal to human disease transmission and vice versa) disease control counseling.

The puppy  packages also include Nutritional Counseling, Training tips and handouts, Behavioral counseling and Grooming recommendations.

Each visit also includes Breed Specific Genetic Disease counseling and testing recommendations.

We also invite you, at every visit, to bring to the veterinarians all the questions you have about the new little friend in your household.

When you bring your new puppy to Peñasquitos Pet Clinic you will also receive a packet full of informative literature, a vaccine record keeping booklet and a free dose of a safe, effective flea, heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative medication (note, this offer is good when the manufacturers are running specials for new puppies).

We encourage all new puppy owners to spay or neuter their puppies at 4 to 5 months old (after the puppies have completed their vaccine program including the Rabies vaccine).  The spay and neuter price will vary depending on how much your puppy weighs.

Do you have a new puppy in the house?

If so, click on our Special Offers link and print out our gift certificate to receive $25 off the first visit with your new puppy.

Please call our office for an appointment (858-484-1260).